Wow what a september we have! Almost like summer again, sun is shining and about 20 degrees. The swedish autumn really shows it self from it's best side. 
I have even started to take the bike to work and damn my condition is soo bad! I remeber when I was younger and took the bike to school everyday, no worries! But now I think am having an asthma attack just by looking at the bike! I know I know, it'll get better but right now it's a real pain in the ass..
On the bright side I get to be much closer to the nature and that's enough to make it worth the pain!
Here is a picture I took after one of my rides home, hope you'll like it!
The sunflower is my favorite, it so bright and happy. And in french it's called tournesol because of the way the flower will follow the sun through the day and at night it turns the head down like it's sleeping. 
So I give to you the wonderful and magical Tournesol, have a great day!

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