Last weekend me and my family went to Liseberg, which is the amusement park in the city. We really had great luck with the weather as it turned out to be the last day of summer. No rain, just sunshine and 20 degrees. Perfect for a day at the park!
I didn't try the new rollercoaster since I was riding children's attractions with my niece, but I don't mind. When you go to amusement parks with children it's like going back in time and the magic that was there 20 years ago is brought back to life again.
In the evening we went back to my brother's aparment and I ended up sleeping on the couch, even though I live 10 min away. Woke up to the sound of little feet runing around and soon I had my two nieces and nephew cuddled up with me in the sofa.
It was the best weekend this autumn, thanks to my wonderful family who I love very very much!
Wish you all a great monday and a magical week, don't forget to appriciate the little things around you